1t.c645.lExperience transformative Reiki healing and insightful Tarot readings with Laura Griffith Garland, Ph.D.

Laura is a Reiki (ray’-key) master and teacher with extensive, multi-faceted training, and years of experience empowering people on their journey to healing, wholeness and well-being. With a Reiki session or Tarot (tear’-row) reading, you can gain the insight needed to navigate your life with greater ease, purpose, and clarity. Do you need answers to questions about what is happening in your life? Are you looking for some real direction? Have you been struggling with issues that are affecting your health or peace of mind?  Do you feel like you are missing a piece of yourself? Laura has been helping people for more than 15 years here in the Charleston, SC area, and is also available for both readings and energy healing sessions by phone or Skype. Her intuitive gifts combined with her unparalleled level of knowledge and training give your Tarot reading or Reiki session a depth of wisdom, insight and healing that is remarkably effective.

“If you’re committed to living your best life, healing long-standing issues once and for all, and moving into the space of optimum joy and achievement, Laura is the person who can facilitate that growth. Her understanding of the inner science of transformation is evident from the first time you meet her, and although she would be reluctant to say it herself, she is that genuine rarity in the field- a phenomenal, naturally gifted healer.”  -S.A., Charleston, SC

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Services Offered

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Tarot & Reiki

Tarot/Reiki Combined (75 min)   $115

Tarot Readings

45 Minutes                            $75

60 Minutes                            $95

Reiki Sessions

30 Minutes                           $45

60 Minutes                           $80

Shamanic Session (75 min)  $125

Soul Retrieval      $150


Tarot Class                        $150

Reiki I Refresher               $100

Reiki I                                 $250

Reiki II Refresher              $100

Reiki II                                $250

Reiki Master/Teacher        $350

Meditation                            $50

Parties & Events

If you’re planning a party or event and would like to have something different for your guests to experience, please contact me today to schedule your event.

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W-CubedW3 Coaching™ – Whole Body, Whole Self, Whole Life:

W3 is a complete program for re-aligning, re-centering, and re-creating yourself. Who do you truly want to be? If you are not happy where you are now, work with me to find the new you.

Call or Text Today: 843-452-7996

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Reiki II coming in April 22, 2018

Reiki I coming in June


Not currently being offered

Shamanic Journeying Classes:

Thursdays starting at 6:30 pm beginning May 10th

Tarot Reading Classes:

Wednesdays starting at 6:30 pm beginning May 9th