House Clearings:

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Unexplained sounds
  • Doors/windows opening or closing by themselves
  • Water turning on or off by itself
  • Unexplained cold zones
  • Things physically moving or disappearing
  • Family or guests experiencing dread/nightmares in a particular room
  • A young child (under 7) talking to “friends” that don’t seem to be visible
  • Visual manifestations (apparitions)

If any of these phenomenon have been occurring, let us take care of these and allow your home to become a welcoming environment.

We live in an area with a long history, much of it bloody and unhappy.  Energies can be attracted to a particular location or have remained in a location long after the physical tie no longer exists.  It is important to have a trained expert deal with these situations.  If you or members of your family are uncomfortable in your home, you shouldn’t have to be.

Please Call Today to live in a better environment:  843-259-8349

Selling Your Home:

If you’re trying to sell your home, but it just doesn’t seem to be working, are people in some way uneasy when on the premises?  The cause me be lingering energy of any variety of forms.  It can be very helpful to have your house cleaned and cleared, refreshed and energized.  An experienced professional is needed to complete these tasks.

Please Call Today to revitalize the energy of your house:  843-259-8349

Personal Clearing:

Have you found yourself experiencing any of the following:

  • Receiving repeated unpleasant email/texts from an individual
  • Suddenly sluggish
  • Suddenly can’t think clearly
  • Suddenly have unexplained accidents
  • Suddenly have multiple items breaking in your life

You may have encountered a situation where someone is wishing ill upon you, and you have been accepting this “bad” energy.  It is possible to have this energy removed and to prevent you from accepting any more of it.  It is important to consult a trained professional.  We can help by determining if you’ve just hit a string of bad luck or if it is more serious.  We can quickly and efficiently clear up situations that may be more serious while keeping your karma clean and clear.

Please call today if you feel you may be experiencing someone else’s “bad” energy:  843-259-8349