Shamanic Reiki



1t.c52.aExperience the deep healing and transformation that Shamanic Reiki, the powerful alchemy of Shamanism and Reiki, offers.

This potent healing modality can help you shed limitations, expand your consciousness, and heighten intuition. Shamanism and Reiki are each powerful paths of healing, and when combined, their integrated energy can produce dramatic results.

Shamanic healing helps restore your physical and spiritual balance, heal emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues, and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Shamanic Reiki is a sacred practice that invites us to work in increasingly powerful ways with universal life force energy. It seamlessly integrates Reiki with indigenous shamanic arts to enhance your personal healing journey.

Shamanism exists in many forms in Native American, South American, Aboriginal, Asian, African and Siberian cultures, to name a few. The intent of this type of healing is to cleanse negativity from your body’s energy system, and then to allow harmonious energy to replace it.

Clients who have experienced Shamanic Reiki report that it greatly assists in healing, expanding one’s consciousness, and heightening intuition. People who have experienced Shamanic Reiki report that they feel more empowered, more in tune with their spiritual selves, and better able to achieve their goals. It also helps you connect to, and communicate with, nature, receive your own Shamanic guides, navigate expanded reality, and transmute, dislodge and remove blocks and limitations.

This remarkable, profoundly beautiful healing technique will help you to attain physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Within the sacred space created by Shamanic Reiki, you can deepen your experience of life, and reach your highest potential. It is a nurturing transformative process that supports and encourages the expansion of consciousness and wisdom.


1t.IM.l.bWhat will Shamanic Reiki do for you?

  • Restore and return your personal energy and power.

We give energy away in little pieces and bits all the time. Sometimes these are for the good of the world and actually help us like when we sooth a hurt child or empathize with a friend. Sometimes these giveaways hurt us like when we obsess about a past event or feel hatred or have unresolved anger. Sometimes it’s unconscious like when you still have an energetic connection to an ex-lover or ex-spouse. Every time you think of that person, you feel drained.

You could also have experienced trauma and a bit of your soul was lost at that moment. By doing Shamanic Reiki with me, I can help you return all the little bits of your energy, power, and even soul that have gone on “walk about.” This will allow you to become the whole you again and you can experience a more joyous, clearer, lighter, and healthier state.

  • Create harmony, balance, and sacredness in your life.

The world that we live in often creates the opposite of harmony and balance in our lives. One of the main goals of Shamanic Reiki is to harmonize and balance all aspects of your life. Opening to Shamanic Reiki allows a sense of tranquility and joy to permeate your being.

You find yourself being able to cope with the everyday stresses and with the big stresses much more easily. Sacredness comes to have a place within your daily routine. When you receive Shamanic Reiki, you can feel your connection to that which is sacred bringing your life peace and serenity, amplifying your ability to create the life you desire.

  • Allow you to see your own inner wisdom and guidance.

We all have the ability to be intuitive; it’s just a question of how open we are to the inputs we receive. When you work with Shamanic Reiki, you will find that you can “listen,” “see,” or otherwise sense those inputs more strongly. You become more adroit at accessing, interpreting, and utilizing the information you receive. Shamanic Reiki has the consequence of opening you to other channels of wisdom. By enhancing your intuition, Shamanic Reiki allows you to find guidance and support to more easily work along the pathway of this life.

  • Mobilize synchronicities around you.

Because Shamanic Reiki works with the energies of the fabric of the Universe, you will find that your life can begin to have an almost magical flare. Life begins to move more easily because people, knowledge, objects, etc., that are most useful to you start appearing in a nearly effortless way. This is known as synchronicity. Shamanic Reiki heightens the occurrence of synchronicities in your life.

  • Empower you to reach your true potential

Do you know your life purpose? Are you living the fabulous life of your dreams? Do you know what that fabulous life would be? Shamanic Reiki can help you uncover your path in this life, what you “signed on” to do. When you open to Shamanic Reiki, you have remove the blockages that are preventing you from achieving your goals. What if your fears could be dissolved? What if those blockages could be removed? What would you do?   What would your fabulous life be?

What methods may be employed during Shamanic Reiki?


  • Linking with your Power Animals and/or Spirit Guides
  • Connecting to Nature and her bounty and beauty
  • Journeying to Expanded Reality
  • Removing Unhealthy Attachments
  • Eliminating Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Blockages
  • Extracting Intrusive Energy “objects”
  • Preventing Soul Loss

How do I Begin?

I invite you to take back your own power, get a fresh start, and align with the Divine through this remarkable technique. Call or email me to discuss the benefits of Shamanic Reiki, and your own goals, hopes, and challenges. I look forward to talking with you, and assisting you on this sacred, life-enhancing journey.


“One new perception, one fresh thought, one act of surrender, one change of heart, one leap of faith can change your life forever.”  – Robert Holden