1t.IM7.bTarot helps you connect to your own deep wisdom for handling life’s choices and challenges, giving you remarkable insight and clarity.

It is an ancient, beautiful divinatory method which works through archetypal images that symbolize life experiences, patterns and circumstances. A tarot reading can provide you with valuable direction on key issues and relationships, and is very beneficial when you feel uncertain about direction on an issue, or for an upcoming decision.

When you’re at a crossroads in life, a reading can offer focus and direction, helping you make the right choices with confidence.
• Have you been struggling to overcoming obstacles, or are worried about something and pondering the best course of action?
• Do you need insight into the future regarding your career, love, money, relationships, etc?

Laura’s tarot readings are comprehensive, deeply intuitive and direct. She is a compassionate and ethical reader whose positive, encouraging insights and observations are conveyed with depth and heart. She knows that the most powerful sources of information come from within, and she helps you unlock the mysteries of your own personal journey, for greater happiness, health and abundance.

What can a Tarot reading do for you?

The Tarot is a time-honored way to see and understanding the energies and patterns that are flowing through your life. I have studied and interpreted the language of the Tarot for many years, and during a reading I’ll help you see your path and your options in new, often extraordinary ways. A Tarot reading is a powerful tool that can guide you quickly and directly to your own truth.

The insights you’ll gain will show you how to tune in to your own inherent power, and to navigate the challenges facing you with grace and confidence.  You’ll discover how to joyfully find your way to the more vibrant life that has been waiting for you all along.

The wisdom of the Tarot can be consulted for many different purposes; for example:

  • To explore relationships, career opportunities or important choices.
  • To gain insight into difficult decisions, or situations that need to be resolved.
  • To learn about new opportunities, and life paths you might not have considered before.
  • To identify and remove hidden obstacles, which may have blocked your progress.
  • To resolve past issues that are having an effect in the present.

What to expect from your Tarot reading

Please bring questions to your appointment, which will help you get the most out of your reading. A reading takes place within a sacred space created by us both, along with the spiritual guides and divine forces that assist us. Having clear questions will help in receiving concise, insightful answers. (We can clarify your questions before the reading if you’re unsure about how or what to ask. Your reading isn’t limited to a specific set of questions, since additional insights, which always arise, will be shared and explored.)


Please check back soon to see a how you can achieve a deeper understanding in your life utilizing the Tarot.