Spiritual Life Coaching


1t.live.eFind Your Direction With Life Coaching From The Spiritual Perspective

For many of us, seeking is an integral part of who we are. Whether we consciously realize it or not, we’re on a quest to fully understand ourselves and our life’s purpose. Spiritual coaching puts your life into the context of this divine quest, empowering you to connect with wisdom as your guide.

Have you been searching for direction and a spiritual path? Do you feel you’re at a crossroads, and want a more abundant future? A spiritual coach views the challenges you encounter in life as divinely appointed opportunities for transformation and growth. With coaching, you’ll learn to draw on inner resources you might not even realize you have, and to move in the direction of your goals and dreams.

There really are no limits to what is possible in our lives. A spiritual coach works with you to clearly define the things you hope to achieve, and helps you create a plan for reaching those milestones.

As your coach, I will show you how to take control of your life, and remove the blocks that have been limiting your progress. I’ll also assist you in deeply understanding your life purpose, and in finding greater happiness, fulfillment and peace.

There is a divine plan for your life that is exactly right for you, and supports your growth and abundance. This unique life plan has always existed, and when you are ready to discover it, the forces of the universe prompt you, and provide the synchronicities and events, that lead you to search for that path.

The purpose of taking that spiritual path is to connect you to your true being, which is unlimited love, power and wisdom. Identifying and deeply healing all aspects of yourself is an important part of that journey. Spiritual coaching can guide you through this process, supplying the needed understanding, support, and healing each step of the way.

Spiritual Coaching truly is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. You’ll gain the power and focus to shape your own destiny, to change course when needed, and to fully energize and manifest the kind of life you want to live- your authentic, joyful path.
blp02.a Some of the topics addressed during coaching: Developing your own spiritual practices, meditation, goal setting, how to use intention, raising your vibration, working with spirit guides, abundance and manifesting practices, chakra alignment and clearing, eliminating limiting beliefs and blocks, fully utilizing the Law of Attraction, clarifying your soul purpose, improving relationships, and intuition development.

Spiritual Life Coaching provides highly practical, non-dogmatic tools compatible with all religious and spiritual beliefs- tools you can use to permanently improve your life. Any spiritual path can be enhanced by these practices.

We’ll create a custom coaching approach that best serves your goals, one that begins by addressing the priorities most important to you.


What will Spiritual Life Coaching do for you?

  • Help you remember who you truly are. As the saying goes, we are spiritual beings having a physical 1t.c.door.bexperience. But what the heck does this mean? As your coach, I can help you reconnect with the spiritual aspect of yourself and explore the possibilities that creates in your life. Once reconnected to your spiritual qualities and guides, the possibilities become nearly limitless.
  • Empower you to find your life path.  When we came to this life, each of us designated a few things we wanted to learn and do. As your coach, I can help you discover what those things are.
    • What you decided to learn may clearly illuminate what challenges you have encountered throughout your life.
    • What you intended to do is often tied in with what you elected to learn.
  • Boost you to master life’s challenges.  Whether they are related to the lessons you opted to learn or whether they are just the everyday situations we all encounter, in coaching we will create an environment in your body and mind that allows you to take any challenge and determine the best method of solution for you.
  • Inspire you to actualize your purpose.  As we work together, we will determine what your goals are, how they pertain to your purpose, and how you can achieve them.
  • Kindle within you the fulfilled life of your dreams. When we coach together, we will clear, remove, and release blockages from this life and perhaps previous lives that are holding you back. You will be adept at reaching the pinnacle you seek and well on your way to continually creating the life of your dreams.



“It may be when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.”  – Wendell Berry